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El sol i la taula, Regina Giménez


  Can Palauet, Mataró Exposició del 10 de novembre de 2018 al 13 de gener de 2019 “Jugar és una cosa molt sèria” deia l’artista, pedagog i arquitecte italià Bruno Munari. L’obra de la Regina Gimenez parteix d’un joc on mapes, cosmologies i dibuixos científicses converteixen […]

Margins of Ten: Tamara Henderson


NoguerasBlanchard presents Out Of Body, the first solo presentation in Spain by Tamara Henderson, co-curated by Rosa Lleó and Alejandro Alonso Díaz. Out Of Bodyis the third iteration of Margins of Ten, an exhibition cycle including Belén Zahera, Ad Minoliti, Tamara Henderson and Rodrigo Hernández, and curated by […]

Margins of Ten: Ad Minoliti


  Margins of Ten: Ad Minoliti is the third of an exhibition cycle taking place in NoguerasBlanchard Barcelona space. Presentations by international artists including Belén Zahera, Ad Minoliti, Tamara Henderson and Rodrigo Hernández will unfold over the course of the year. The title takes its name […]

Margins of Ten: Belén Zahera

Exhibition view, Belén Zahera.

Margins of Ten is a cycle of presentations by four international artists at NoguerasBlanchard gallery’s space in L’Hospitalet. With Belén Zahera, Ad Minoliti, Tamara Henderson and Rodrigo Hernández, over the period of one year. The title takes its name from Charles and Ray Eames’ celebrated film Powers of […]

Mixed Media


MACBA, Barcelona Saturday 21 June 2014 What is an object? When can an object escape definition? Are artists the object? What and to whom does an object speak? How can we appeal to its potentiality? Swedish artists Carl Palm and Sebastian Rozenberg present a performative […]



Arco(e)ditorial: an online magazine for ARCO Art Fair in Madrid. February 2014   Download the Ebook here. edit-reedit-and-back-again-epub Read the articles online.  

Fugue: variations on an exhibition


Fugue: Variations on an Exhibition presents the creative, publishing and research projects selected from the 2013 call for projects at the Sala d’Art Jove. The exhibition explores the idea that any collection of work can be read through many different layers, as well as art’s […]



The Green Parrot is a small-scale organisation run by Rosa Lleó.  

Cas d’estudi: l’Empordà

Francesc Català Roca, Urbanización Ampuriabrava, Castello dAmpuries,  Girona ca1975

[EN-CAT] Participants: Domènec, Jordi Mitjà, Rafel G. Bianchi i Regina Giménez, and Silvia Musquera. Cas d’estudi: l’Empordà is a project deriving from an exhibition that happened at Can Felipa Arts Visuals, in Barcelona. During two months each week there were presentations and installations that had […]

What is the art complex? Part II. Art of the Twentieth and Twentieth first century, a post-fordist perspective

Mies van der Rohe pavilion, Barcelona

The second edition of the course What is the Art Complex? revolves around the two exhibitions grouped under the title Art, two points. Barcelona lives Contemporary Art at MACBA and at CaixaForum. Generic terms such as ‘avant-garde’, ‘modernity’ and ‘contemporaneity’ have become insufficient to adequately deal with the […]

What is the art complex? Art in a neo-liberal context – MACBA

Helio Oiticica & Neville d'Almeida 'CC3-Maileryn. Quasi Cinema. (Block-Experiments in Cosmococa-Program in Progress)', 1973

The art complex was a course that happened at MACBA during April and May 2013. It took as a starting point some works of the collection that were on the exhibition The Art of the First Globalisation, in order to look at them from a different […]

Experiments with Life Itself. Radical domestic architectures of the 1940s and 1950s


  Experiments with Life Itself investigates five projects of domestic radical architecture, built between the end of the Thirties and the end of the Fifties by architects and artists – relegated to the margins of the civil reality by war, exile and disenchantment – in which they are also the object of their own […]

Cas d’estudi (Case study)

La casa de la playa, Eldital'ull

  Curated by Rosa Lleó and Zaida Trallero. With Eldital’ull, Domènec, Aymara Arreaza, Eva Fàbregas, Karlos Martínez Bordoy, Oriol Vilanova, Jordi Mitjà and Daniela Ortiz. Case study is a project in which research and discussion on the artist’s working process is fundamental. For eight weeks, […]

Muntadas: Entre / Between – ACTAR


Co-edited with the Museo Reina Sofía, the present book contains a collection of texts and an archive of images from Muntadas’ body of work. Antoni Muntadas (*Barcelona, 1942) is one of the most important contemporary Spanish artists. His work addresses social, political and communication issues, […]

Bloque # 2 Past Forward: Narraciones sobre ciencia e historia

archives_bloc2 avantsala

Coordinado junto con Sonia Fernández-Pan, Beatriz Escudero, María de Pfaff y Zaida Trallero.   Actualmente un gran número de prácticas artísticas utilizan las metodologías propias de los arqueólogos o de los historiadores: reviven tecnologías obsoletas, piensan modernidades alternativas e investigan sobre aquellos personajes que han quedado relegados al […]

Objects of Desire

Carl Palm, Nocturnal Studio Object #29

A soirée with Raimundas Malašauskas and Carl Palm The proposal for Objects of Desire is to move away from the readings of style and formal categorization that are common to design and material culture and to look at alternative ways of dealing with objects by […]

A fine red line: a curatorial miscellany – IMPress

A Fine Red Line_cover

Published by IMpress, London, 2008. Edited by: Yannis Arvanitis, Ilaria Gianni, Nazli Gürlek, Isobel Harbison, Rosa Lleó and Gaia Tedone. If contemporary art can be interpreted as a series of formal enquiries then perhaps contemporary curating might be understood as the formulation of questions which either frame […]

Everything is Out There – La Casa Encendida


  Curated together with Zaida Trallero.   Winner of Inéditos-Caja Madrid curatorial prize, 2010. La Casa Encendida, Madrid. With Haris Epaminonda, Hans-Peter Feldmann, David Ferrando Giraut, Jorge Macchi, Fran Meana, Christodolous Panayiotou, Oriol Vilanova and Javier Álvarez (Novoa).   For more than 40 years, Hans Peter […]

Artists’ Shelves – IMpress


Edited by Ilaria Gianni, Nazli Gürlek and Rosa Lleó. Published by IMpress in 2011. The publication comprehends a collaborative work with 10 artists – Rossella Biscotti, Katinka Bock, Gintaras Didžiapetris, Patricia Esquivias, Simon Fujiwara, João Maria Gusmao & Pedro Paiva, Emre Hüner, Reto Pulfer, Raymond Taudin […]

15 piezas en 3 actos (15 works in 3 acts)


Comisariado por Eduardo Hurtado, Rosa Lleó y Zaida Trallero. Centre Cívic Sant Andreu, Barcelona, noviembre 2011 15 piezas en 3 actos es una obra de teatro que toma como punto de partida la reinterpretación textual de una selección de obras y proyectos que se presentaron […]



During the second semester of 2012, I created the archival website of Art&Idea, an art agency based in Viena and Barcelona and directed by Robert Punkenhofer. ART&IDEA was founded by Robert Punkenhofer in 1995 as a not for profit institution devoted to promoting and facilitating […]

A flote: economías sumergidas y precariedad laboral


Coordinado junto con Beatriz Escudero, María de Pfaff, Sonia Fernández Pan y Zaida Trallero. El ciclo Ante-sala, Apuntes para una exposición se constituye a partir de cuatro bloques temáticos. En cada bloque se propone una mesa redonda y una sesión de proyecciones en las que […]